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The Itchibacks

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  • The Itchibacks

    The Itchibacks

    An obscure tribe of Native Americans
    Who called themselves the Itchibacks
    Lived in an idyllic village near a stream
    Filled with abundant fish, frogs, and reeds
    Surrounded by many bountiful fruit trees
    The Itchibacks had everything they needed

    However, the Itchibacks could not find peace
    Because all of their backs itched constantly
    Tribe elders suspected a plant caused the itching
    In fact, the village was full of wood nettle
    Rather than move from their near paradise
    The Itchibacks passed a law called Scratchaback

    The law required all Itchibacks to scratch backs
    The law did not rid the tribe of their itchy backs
    But it did provide a fair measure of relief for a time
    Unfortunately, not all of the Itchibacks complied
    As time passed, less and less of the Itchibacks
    Scratched backs and many Itchibacks left the village

    A girl saw what was happening to the village
    She asked the elders what else they could do
    The elders said they could not enforce the law
    They could only pass the law and hope for the best
    The girl suggested the elders cut away the wood nettle
    The elders said the wood nettle was a sacred plant

    The girl suggested that tribe members wear shirts
    The elders said it was against Itchiback custom
    The Itchibacks had been shirtless for generations
    They would not break the tradition of their ancestors
    The girl warned the elders of Itchiback extinction
    The elders did not listen and the Itchibacks are no more

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    I have never before laughed so much after reading a poem! Your storytelling skills are unbelievable!

    Still, while the punch line:
    The elders did not listen and the Itchibacks are no more
    Is truly hilarious, it does also tell a sad story too, of so common behavior of even modern leaders.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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      Ah, Henry I can always rely on you for a good laugh. I love the 'oh-well' factor of this.

      "The girl warned the elders of Itchiback extinction
      The elders did not listen and the Itchibacks are no more"

      Oh well, Itchibacks. I would help but I'm too busy laughing.

      Very well done, MHenry.


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        What neck of the woods have you been wandering MHenry, to conjure this heroic teaching tale? Listen to your elders...or no, wait - don't listen to your elders, or...something! Was there no Itchiback to realize a stick could be fashioned into a back-scratcher??

        I'm joking with you because whether or not intended, your masterful saga has me smiling (as so much of your writing does). Your imagination is in fine form and on prolific display. Bravo!


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          Scratching my head saying "how! does he do this"


          • RhymeLovingWriter
            RhymeLovingWriter commented
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            Probably kind of like you do Bobby! You are quite the story teller yourself.

          • Bobby Del Boy
            Bobby Del Boy commented
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            As usual RLW, your kind and generous

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          I must admit to no little surprise to the reaction to this head-scratcher. It was one of those you think twice about before you post and expect it to fade into oblivion rather quickly. Of course, I am honored and pleased that each of you took the time to read about the Itchibacks, to enjoy a laugh, and to comment with such encouragement and support. It is truly a gift from you to me. I offer you my humble gratitude. MHenry


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            MHenry This is a delight quirky with gentle humour it strikes just the right note


            • MHenry
              MHenry commented
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              Hi Pp, Thanks for the look and the comment. I appreciate your perspective.