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The Lion of Panjshir: A Prose Poem

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  • The Lion of Panjshir: A Prose Poem

    All praise be given to the Lion of Panjshir
    And his years of sacrifice for his country

    Foregoing engineering studies and study of the
    Koran, Ahmed Shah Massoud arose as a charismatic
    and brilliant military strategist. He had fought the
    Soviets, now he dreamed of a war-free Afghanistan.

    Massoud became known as The Lion of Panjshir
    because of his ferocity and courage as a Mujahideen
    Commander. He would fight the new invasive
    scourge who were The Taliban. They wished to
    impose their radical form of Islam spearheaded
    by intolerance, violence and fanaticism. The
    Taliban founded The Ministry of Good and Evil.
    Human rights were rescinded – they abolished
    music, song and poetry and closed down schools
    and medical centres. The Taliban were funded by
    Pakastan's Secret Services and forged a close union
    with Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorists.

    All praise be given to the Lion of Panjshir
    And his years of sacrifice for his country

    Massoud received little support from Western
    countries. His appeals for help fell on deaf ears,
    although he was the United Nations recognized
    government in part of his country. Massoud was
    finally forced to retreat to the rugged and remote
    Panjshir Valley, the northeast part of Afghanistan.

    As a prologue to the unspeakable terror to come,
    two days before the 9/11 attack on New York, on
    orders of bin Laden, the Taliban in a diabolical plot
    sent two men disguised as journalists to interview
    Massoud. Their camera equipment contained a
    hidden bomb that exploded and mortally wounded
    this brilliant leader in an cowardly act of carnage.
    Massoud died in a helicopter ride to a hospital.

    All praise be given to the Lion of Panjshir
    And his years of sacrifice for his country

    Ahmed Shah Massoud would have been the future
    leader of a liberated, free Afghanistan. Unfortunately,
    news of this atrocity was soon lost on the United
    States and its Western allies given the horrendous
    terror inflicted on citizens on September 11, 2001.

    The Lion of Panjshir was in fact the first victim of
    9/11. Bin Laden felt that with Massoud dead, he
    could control the future of Afghanistan and turn
    his attention to the United States and its allies.

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    Thank you for this Tanner. I didn't know of this before.


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      It seems we share a fascination.

      I have always been intrigued by the Mujahideen...and certain Sufi poets.


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        RLW and DWAYNE, thank you for your comments. I spent a year and half living in Afghanistan in Kabul with my uncle's family in the early 1960's. He was a thoracic surgeon from Texas with whom I lived for a number of years in Dallas in mid childhood. My uncle trained Afghan and Indian doctors in chest surgery. I know the ruggedness and spirit of the Afghan people and their tribal loyalties. I stood on the 2 Buddha's in Bamiyan Valley which the Taliban subsequently destroyed. I am working on a very dark poem entitled Infidels written by the ghost of bin Laden that explains why 9/11 happened. It may be too dark to post publicly on RZ. I believe Americans are not well informed about why 9/11 occurred; it had been brewing for many years.