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  • Blue Children

    This is a poem written more that 40 years ago which
    I recently unearthed from a box of old poetry magazines.

    The sea of blue laps the sky of blue
    in hazy demarcation, but the essence
    of blue continuum runs rhythmically over
    the sea, in cadence up over the shore
    and stays and sways with the bluebells
    under calm sun.

    These were the gay fields we children
    came to know; where we danced and
    were free and lazy, and were one
    continually with the sea, the breeze,
    blue grasses and bluebells.

    But presently we creatures thought
    only of our bodies and became worried
    for want of food. We became the
    lotus eaters and feasted on the bluebells
    in disdainful fury, and were as grasshoppers
    and presently no more bluebells were
    to be found and we lay bloated under
    a thick sun in the rustling grass.

    Soon all became still; we feared and
    sucked on the ground in silent complaint,
    while the sun quivered and whipped
    the fields with great heat; and we were
    found out in browned fields.

    And presently we went home lest more
    iniquity befall us. But on the way we
    stopped at a clear pool of water because
    we remembered the flowers' brackish
    taste. In the fading light our dripping
    faces discovered their newly acquired
    taint. The cool water reflected our
    blue skins.

    We slunk home to the jeers of other
    children. Their laughter resounded
    through the narrow streets, because
    we were blue, the blue children.

    But now we live in a distant place
    of the sea. We laugh and lie crazy
    between tapped rocks, cutting our
    lips in ritual, anointing them with the
    salt froth; to cleanse ourselves of
    these and deeper wounds in the play
    of the foam on distant reefs.

    And no gods hear us.
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    I love this as well-your style has developed since-I would not have recognised it as your work but forty years ago you were already quite a poet


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      Have to agree with ParkinsonsPoet-a longer and different style than much of your current work, and it's great! This is a wonderfully woven tale with beauty and intrigue (I love the unique idea of 'blue children') and resolution. Very, very nice Tanner!


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        I love the unrelenting nature of this.

        It is so difficult to master this style, and you have done so marvellously.