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Halloween Treats- The Poets Duet with Hank Fargo

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  • Halloween Treats- The Poets Duet with Hank Fargo

    Bobby Del Boy(Boe Burke)
    I'm looking for a Halloween prank. ...
    I know I got you to thank.
    Maybe a witch to spank.
    A dance with Hillary Swank.
    Take it way Hank.
    Hank Fargo

    Hank Fargo
    I get the clue I'm with you Boe
    Halloween's tomorrow I'm sure you know
    My best to you and fidgety Flo
    Everybody's got something to show
    Can't wait to see what's what and who's who
    And who'll jump the highest when someone yells boo!

    Bobby Del Boy(Boe Burke)
    Lol Hank you did quite well.
    I never doubted you'd answer the bell
    I'm afraid there's more devil in the details do tell
    At my front door ringing my bell
    If I can send him to your home
    Maybe he'll help us end this poem
    Although I'm not ready to end our fun
    I'm scared of goblins so I think I'm gonna run.
    But I'm expecting you'll continue our verse.
    Lest we suffer a Halloween curse!

    To be continuuuuuuued........

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    I love the way you can make me smile with your verse Bobby! Looking forward to the continuation....


    • Suz-zen
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      me too RLW!

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    Ding dong knock knock
    Bobby are you there?
    Open up! It's cold outside.

    the dominatrix's here!

    Don't you fear,
    well, not just yet...

    Do you have what she needs?
    Obey her orders, fill her bag
    with chocolate and some beers!

    for if you don't,
    your bottom will scream
    gauze and you will plead

    fidgety Flo to bandage
    the painful messy bleed!

    *Trick or treat! a little bit adult-ish , hope this does not offend!


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      RhymeLovingWriter Happy Halloween


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        Suz-zen I'm afraid I can't discuss the first thing that popped up. Happy Halloweenie!


        • Suz-zen
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        Bobby a pleasure to read in a style of your own thank you


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          HI, Bobby, thank you for this frolicking Halloween treat!


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            ParkinsonspoetMHenry , this is a conversation that I had and others with a friend on Facebook. No lofty expectations of poetry grandeur just having fun off the top of our heads. Just wanted to share it with my poetry friends. Thanks for reading, commenting and humoring me.


            • Parkinsonspoet
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              Bobby some of mypoetry was or came from my facebook posts-One facebook post Artificial Belligerence became a short story