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    Your Choice

    So when he’s gone,
    far beyond your last
    accusation and blame…
    you cry to God for answer as to
    why –
    blind to
    your own anger
    as a bull without a
    brain. You helped
    do this – when
    all it might have
    taken was a kind
    word or apology.


    love first –

    last –

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    really liked


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Thank you TS! I appreciate the read and comment!

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    Thanks for the like Bison!


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      The poem looks like a broad-shouldered woman, which would one would need to be to always remember to act the way one wished they'd acted when too angry or upset to act that way!
      I love the poem, RLW - it gets to the heart of relationships in a way most people cannot do.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        Thanks MHenry. This was born of sorrow and frustration this morning. I overheard a conversation between parent/child (although after I wrote it I realized it could be between a couple too). Sharp, angry words were quick flung, causing damage, then cloyingly walked back (w/out accepting responsibility for having been flung in the first place). I recognized it because I've been at fault of the same myself, more so in my younger years, and oh, what I wouldn't give to have those barbs unspoken. I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate your constant support and encouragement.