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"Great Again"

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  • "Great Again"

    How can one be civil
    Around gun toting rebels
    God's people should swivel
    Depart from all these devils

    Restart, restore, repair
    From all the we've endured
    Apart, explore, declare
    God's love for us insured

    We came from Kings and Queens
    Wasn't formed from slavery
    This hope we bring and sing
    It's much more than bravery

    People are still racist
    It never amazes me
    So back to the basis
    "Great when"......that's unsavory

    If this present time isn't "Great" especially having a President that's an African American, KNOWING America's History towards Blacks, colored, slaves, Africans etc...then Great Again makes no sense.... Not to the Native Americans, Asians, and of course African American, Blacks, Negroes, Colored, and every other derogatory words they/we were called...
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    I know the racist won't agree with this, it doesn't matter, I don't agree with racism


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      I could be wrong and often am but i don't think many if any racist's read or write poetry. Except maybe on the plastic walls of a porta potty. All hail to the ignorant poet!!!!!!!!why did we become f-ing un great in the first place? Oh, i remember because of people like the ones trying to get into office right now. Its just a sorrowful state.god help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Ok......thanks for reading