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  • Animal Bonding Community 2

    Bonding with the animals
    Has become so intriguing
    No carnivores or cannibals
    I've just became a vegan

    I promised the cows and birds
    That things would get better
    A commitment more than words
    No leather or feathers

    "It's a sticky situation"
    Said, the porcupine
    I stood in hesitation
    Didn't cross that line

    My music choice is funk
    When walking with the skunks
    I've gained a little spunk
    There's more junk in my trunk

    "Who let the dogs out?"
    Is the cat's theme song
    Bear, I'm a cub scout
    Honey, where's the comb

    Rolling in the dirt
    Rollie pollie
    Seen moles in the church
    Holy mollie

    I skipped uprooting
    With the hogs
    Rather go roofing
    With my dogs

    Ants by the millions
    Formed a chain around me
    I asked the chameleons
    "Why did they change on me?"

    "I'll never forget"
    Said, the elephant
    So no more fishing
    With the pelicans

    Stopped under a tree
    Just to feel the breeze
    Then the tree whispered
    "It's time for you to leave"

    Old bark from the trees
    Rattles from the snakes
    Honey from the bees
    I know what it takes

    I've bonded with the animals
    Just like they're people
    Our dependence on each other
    Still remains equal

    ​​​​Read Animal Bonding Community 1 and look out for 3......
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    Your 'bonding' bears prolific fruit Poemahontas! Wonderful plays on words and phrasing yet again - and you say there is more in store??? Looking forward to it!


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      We all need to bond with the animals and habitat- this poem has great message and sense of fun


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        Thank you