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    I have seen the Morgroth to its death stumble
    The clawless threetoed groat its prey fumble
    Heard the flathead Bogot's belly rumble
    The snaggletooths most sarcastic grumble

    You ask of these wonders and stories told
    I will tell you a new one not so old
    My new companion the one eyed Tom
    Can disappear like a chameleon

    Hunting a fly pats the air in a mime
    Chirrups like a bird for some of the time
    For others benefit accepts cuddles
    Thinks I'm a cushion reality muddles

    Part feline part friend and part family
    Obedient no has free will you see
    A tripping hazzard who lies on the stairs
    Legend has begun who knows what he dares

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    That last line reads like the beginning of a series Parkinsonspoet! Looking forward to more.


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      The first stanza is quite compelling, Pp, and makes me want more of the same. I love the mystery it conveys and the unusual words you have used. The umble endings are perfect for this verse. Bravo, Pp. I am entranced!


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
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        Thank you not so long ago I had four cats and a rabbit they passed awaywithin a 12 month periodall the cats in the age range16-18 and the rabbit 10 years old. So now 7 months later I have another pet.A Tom cat who in a fight at some point lost the sight in one eye. A stray taken in by a friend who needed to find him a new home. I have had him a week and already I can see a character who will be a legend. I am very pleased with the intro but do wonder whether I should use it again in a fantasy poem that continues in the same veinI may well be back to this.

      • MHenry
        MHenry commented
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        I eagerly anticipate the results of your wonderment!

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      This is an excellent write!

      The rhyme and diction is outstanding!