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Glass half empty bladder full

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  • Glass half empty bladder full

    Glass half full or half empty
    Was full but am so clumsy
    Beer gone fore sip I take
    Stained trousers due to my shake

    They may think that I am drunk
    Now is the time to debunk
    Biggest effect makes me pee
    Cant do buttons easily

    Bladder full or glass half empty
    Pills taken don't remedy
    Can't stop need convenience
    Hope bladder gives lenience

    Try again to be grateful
    Have Parkinson's so hateful
    I only spill some as I pass
    With Alzheimers would lose glass

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    I'm thinking it's a good thing we have poetry to help deal with frustration, though it's consolation is likely fleeting at best. So glad you can continue to try.


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      Great to read a good sense of humor during your battle!!! Keep up the good fight! Keep up the good write!!


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
        Editing a comment
        thank you for your support

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      You maintain the greatest humor and outlook! Really loved this verse especially the last verse.


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        Hi, Pp, the title is worth its weight in gold! To have a sense of humor in the face of such adversity is the mark of an evolved human being. Viva la evolution!