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  • My Gain

    Love is color blind
    And I know that's true
    You were money green
    I was ocean blue

    I lost my vision
    Being around you
    That's why I put
    All the blame you

    You were someone
    I trusted and believed
    I gave my heart
    Only to be deceived

    You was my King
    I was your Queen
    I gave you love
    And everything in between

    You made me weak
    When I was strong
    We built a house
    But it was never a home

    I've tried to make
    You care for me
    Even lied to keep you
    Here with me

    Nothing worked
    As you can see
    Alone I stand
    Its only me

    No more tears
    I'm filled with pain
    Losing you
    Became my gain

    Some of my old poetry.....hope you enjoy
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    Seems paradoxical on its face - but hanging on to unhealthy relationship can be toxic. Some people do out of fear of being alone. So glad you are strong and safe again (and still writing poetry)!