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Dance (Inspired by Tanner's The Solitary Ships of Death....)

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  • Dance (Inspired by Tanner's The Solitary Ships of Death....)

    Why not
    rob death
    of its sting?
    Life is a banquet,
    indulge in living!

    In your rest
    conceive the choreography.
    In your rising
    seize that victor's chance,
    and well
    before the nimbus scurry,

    the chorus,
    and verse.

    while frail
    and meek of purse.

    though the band
    has ceased to play.

    'til dusk
    makes night of day.

    with thy feet,
    on page
    with pen.

    in each moment,
    and finally when...
    time has marked
    your bones for slumber,
    the moments
    set to memory's
    lay down
    in exhausted contentment,
    for once
    you dared
    to dance.


    This poem came to me after reading Tanner's The Solitary Ships of Death We Must Build , a wonderful articulation of life's journey.

    I highly recommend reading this eloquent, masterful piece.
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    Lovely, just lovely Dwayne. Such uplifting sentiment...and all are encouraged and invited to engage. Bravo!


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      DWAYNE, I feel humbled and am down on my knees and feel greatly honoured if "Ships of Death" inspired this outpouring from you!. A famous American philosopher once wrote, "There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval". So many priceless gems of wit and insight distilled in these brief stanzas. Albert Camus voiced somewhat similar sentiments, exhorting us to live - to be a man not to become a god, because life is an end in itself. I keep rereading your poem and luxuriating in the images and rhymes. JUST BRILLIANT! I see your poem as a Credo, a Hymn to Life and a clarion Call to Action for all of us, who are often sleepwalkers in the bright of day. More outpourings, please! It is late and I am going to bed, but your lines will dance and dance in my
      head as I fall asleep, and when I awake.


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        DWAYNE LOVELOVELOVE this!!!! when i got to
        while frail
        and meek of purse.

        I could not contain my emotion and out loud let go a 'oooooooooooo'

        Thank you.


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          O yess! I'll dance!
          'til dusk makes night of day!
          Then, I'll lay down,
          in exhausted contentment
          for once, I have read these words.
          And I was dared
          to DANCE.
          Thanks Dwayne!
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            The reminded me of the song 'dance' - so upbeat and inspirational. Love it.


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              Hi, Dwayne, I was gone for awhile and I see that you have taken another subtle turn in your subject matter and your style. The rhyming is very well done and the pacing is wonderful. To dance is to live! I love this uplifting and philosophical piece from you. Thank you for sharing.