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"The Exam Room"

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  • "The Exam Room"

    Exam Room.jpg
    Been stuck in here more than an hour,
    guess my mood is kind of sour.
    They close the door and here I sit,
    confined within this boring pit.

    What to do to pass the time?
    Closing walls that I might climb?
    To keep some sort of sanity,
    ideas without profanity.

    Here’s the things I’d like to do,
    although they’re all a bit taboo.
    Pull that paper from the table,
    ‘til it piles up to my navel.
    Blow up all the rubber gloves,
    throw them like a flock of doves.
    Place all the towels on the floor,
    slide on them into the door.
    Turn on facets in the sink,
    depression sticks then try to link.
    Write graffiti on the wall,
    with tubes of stuff both big and small.

    Though these are things I’d like to do,
    still waiting here with options few.

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    Oh my goodness Bob! Hilarity - coupled with a great imagination - make this a rollicking pleasure to read. Hope all went well and that you didn't have to wait any longer. Did you show this poem to the doc?


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      No - I wrote it there but did not share.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Well, the time 'waiting' definitely wasn't wasted!