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  • Condemned

    Fearing the worst
    You're black, you're not equal
    Living the curse (Deuteronomy ch. 28)
    Because you're God's people

    We can pretend we're alike
    But we're condemned on sight
    You know, condemned like Christ
    Where's our Amendment Rights?

    Let's make a right
    This is still a civil war fight
    Too many men lost sight
    Between what's wrong and what's right

    This isn't a poem to incite
    Only a plea to unite
    Only for love, will I fight
    Until this wrong is made right
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    It is a fight poemahontas. We are all brothers and sisters and it's so terrible that as the human race we haven't learned that.


    • Poemahontas
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      Thank you AlexandtheLate, fight for love

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    I like this verse very much. Sadly I have come to believe that mankind shall fight this battle at some level for eternity. We may have cease fires and treaties along the way, but I fear this war will never truly end. That does not mean we quit fighting. It is upon each individual to be the best they can be and to be sure that the message stays fresh and is always there.

    Poetry like yours is how we can do this.


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      Blacks are still being oppressed........we're living the curse of Deuteronomy chapter 28.....thanks for your feedback


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        That series of curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy 28 applies to ancient Israelites, not modern day black Americans.

        The ancient Israelites came up with this notion of curse for disobedience because it provided an explanation for all that shit that happened to their nation back in the Iron Age. It was preferable to believe that their god Yahweh was punishing them for being bad, rather than that he had failed them, or didn't even care about them in the first place.

        The reasons for any current oppressions have nothing to do with Yahweh's abusive parenting style toward his ancient worshippers. Believing that sort of thing only compounds the problem.


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          Thank you for disagreeing with the Bible and me in a Respectful way........
          The curses of Deuteronomy 28 are suppose to be on Israel
          "FOREVER" (until YAH returns to redeem them) therefore unless
          forever ended in 1948 when Israel became a nation someone is lying!

          In Deuteronomy Chapter 28 verse 15 - 68 we find out that these curses
          shall also come upon the seed (children) of Ancient Israel - And they shall be
          upon thee for a
          sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever. So in
          order to identify who the children of Israel seed are today, we must examine who
          fulfill the curses that are written of in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, and in
          other prophecy.

          Please read again( Deuteronomy 28) and then check out some BLACK HISTORY we didn't come here willingly, my ancestors were slaves and Blacks in America suffered all those things and still being systematically oppressed...

          ​​​​The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade......


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            Deuteronomy has nothing to do with the displacement of African peoples by the slave trade.

            The Pentateuch is the sacred text of ancient Israelites. Maybe you should respect that historical fact. Unless you're Jewish, those laws and curses are not binding on you.


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              To say what I am saying is not to deny the historic oppression of black Americans, not at all. One does not need to resort to the Bible to explain that. Thinking of such oppression in terms of Old Testament curses - literally interpreted - is a recipe for lunacy.


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                That's your belief and I respect your views but I disagree 100%, history is his story and some people's history contains FACTS IN WRITING like the Bible, American History, Black History, Google, etc......forever is eternity, so when the Bible says forever what does that mean and TELL ME who are seeds of the Children of Israel and how they experienced/experiencing the curses forever, remember blacks were bought here on ships


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                  The Bible is a hodgepodge anthology, from which many troublous webs are spun. It is like a bridge with sundry planks missing or cracked. One may cross the rift by means of it, but only with a very wary tread.


                  • Poemahontas
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                    We can talk opinions or facts but in this case I choose facts

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                  Can you answer those 2 questions I asked.......I'm always willing to learn The Truth


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                    Just because the Bible says something doesn't make it so. That being said...

                    One must also allow for hyperbole, a known feature of ancient Hebrew rhetoric. A contemporary example: 'You always say the wrong thing!' says more about the momentary frustration of the speaker than about temporal duration of incorrect speech. An ancient Hebrew 'forever' is like that. It could be eternity, it could be a very long time, it could be next week when one's mood has changed. It's not forensically precise.

                    The children of Israel are first and foremost those addressed by the ancient text. They are not modern black people. Christians think they are now the 'spiritual' children of Israel (hello New Testament), but that is not confined to a particular skin colour.


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                      If you don't believe in the Bible then I'm just engaging in a foolish discussion....proverbs 26:4-14, another Bible Fact/reference


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                        If you can't tell me who are the descendants of the Children of Israel then this discussion is irrelevant and serves no purpose for me, I told you who the descendants of Children of Israel were/are and I provided you with biblical Facts and you disagree with no answers or references to your view/opinion


                        • grant hayes
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                          They are:
                          a) the audience of the ancient text.
                          b) not exclusively modern black people
                          c) Christians (who can be of any race) think they - as believers in Christ - are the new Israel. (Evidence: the whole damn New Testament.)

                          Those are not the answers you want to hear, but they are answers.

                          I should add Jews, of course, who are the principal cultural inheritors and custodians of these ancient texts.
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                        Right. So you're prejudiced against people who aren't convinced that the Bible is all 'fact'.

                        What do you think is my fate for being so wickedly dim?