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  • DemoCrazy

    A moment of silence
    For all victims of violence.........

    I can't stand in silence
    While the world remain silent
    We practice non violence
    While the cops remain violent

    No convictions, suprising
    Yet the death toll is rising
    More afflictions uprising
    While the blacks are downsizing

    Bullets flying, cops are lying,
    Yet these cameras show the truth
    Fathers dying, mothers crying
    But the media withholds the proof

    Tell us lies, watch us die
    Who are we to let this be
    Dry your eyes, don't you cry
    We need to form unity

    You and I we can try
    To gain equality
    My reply don't rely
    On this democracy

    Poemahontas Poemadonna
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    History repeats.......still marching and protesting, blacks are still dying from the hands of the law and no convictions but no no no it's not a race thing??? Just look at the stats and the history of America, home of Slavery, kkk, jim crow, segregation.....I can't keep going but Slavery SURPASSES ALL, BEING SOMEONE'S PROPERTY WHO HATES YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE BLACK


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      When you uncover SLAVERY you uncover EVERYTHING......RAPE MURDER,TORTURE,IDENTITY THEFT,KIDNAPPING, MENTAL PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE, etc......Satan and his workers destroying God's property even through religion.....SUFFER PEACEFULLY AND WAIT ON JESUS??? ......500 YEARS LATER, NO SIGN JUST LIES


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        The key to resolving this perpetual litany of homicides, is twofold: rebut the age old presumption of inherent Afro-American criminality; and dispel the mindset that, law enforcement's primary function is to protect the dominant culture's lives and property, from black criminals.

        The myth of the sub-human negro, has been overtly, and covertly, perpetuated for centuries.

        Therefore, even those who would ardently refute racism, often harbour a subconscious predisposition to perceive Afro-Americans as dangerous, until proven otherwise.

        Consequently, the impetus to employ lethal force, pervades, while non-lethal methods of quelling an encounter, are disregarded.

        This prejudice, often affects decisions to indict and prosecute, and plays on the minds of jurors, when determining accountability.

        Until we ACTIVELY dispel these myths, utilized to justify the: enslavement, hyper-surveillance and marginalization of Afro-Americans, we will continue to have these tragedies.


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          We have eyes to see
          And we have ears to hear
          We have voices to speak
          But the Truth we fear

          This Demo is Crazy........

          Leaders of the free world spreading democracy everywhere IRONICALLY we have more people locked up in America than anywhere else.......China have over a billion people more than we do......


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            Today another UNARMED BLACK MAN KILLED BY A POLICE OFFICER......paid leave AGAIN.....democracy for who............


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              Democracy for who........Blacks were considered by the Supreme Court three-fifths of a person......the word Supreme?


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                Another UNARMED BLACK MAN killed by the police......... DemoCrazy


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