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  • More Battle Buddies Needed

    Hey, did you guys know that there's a battle going on right now in one of the other forums? Click on Forum, scroll down to Everything Else, then scroll down to the The Battle for The Last Post: Mission Joystick Prayer, and leave up to 5 posts in a row. Whoever happens to post the 525th post wins! It's all for fun but I thought you might want to join in when you're taking a break from writing a poem or your novel. We're not too far from 300 posts as of today!

    You can also click here for a shortcut.

    See you there!


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    It sounds like fun! I hope you win! Me, I'll make toast!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      You should check it out. It only takes minutes - like the 'Answer a question with a question' only easier because you can write a single sentence about anything that is on your mind. You can even do it while making toast - I think.

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    I second this.