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Night of the broken glass

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  • Night of the broken glass

    Night of the broken glass

    What horrors awaited them they dared not dream
    Their lives forever changed never to be the same
    designation inflicted by this new regime
    Would be highly accepted, highly acclaimed

    Men, women ,children convicted without a trial
    Of the heinous crime of being born a Jew
    Once a trusted friend and neighbor now reviled
    The final solution indicted human value

    The night of the broken glass changed their legacy
    Stripped of their livelihood and basic rights
    The shattering glass sound will live in infamy
    This was the beginning and end of the Third reich

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    The scary thing is, genocide and holocausts continue to this day. Thank you for calling attention to this heinous event.


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      So true MH. it's scary that we didn't learn from our shameful history. I watched a documentary on 'the night of the broken glass' when the nazis literally broke windows of the Jewish business community and then their homes. It was terrifying and so shameful - I could go on and on - makes me cry for all the people brutalized and murdered.

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    Scary indeed. You handle difficult subjects well Alex.