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  • Galactic Traveler

    Galactic traveler
    Alone in time and space
    Lost in eternal paths
    And orbits that you trace
    Cosmic cartographer
    Through nothingness you turn
    In hope some distant eye
    Could faintly see you burn

    Transiting the heavens
    Resplendent angels course
    All of your life unknown
    Viewed vividly in force
    Eclipsing every eye
    Lightning speed, sudden flash
    Earth's extinction event
    Reducing us to ash
    Last edited by BiocideJ; 08-29-2016, 12:07 PM.

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    BJ, "Cosmic cartographer" - just brilliant, as well as "Through nothingness you turn" - The traveler came back as Earth was destroyed? Many years in the future? Am I reading this


    • BiocideJ
      BiocideJ commented
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      I do treat it like an actual "being", but I envisioned something more along the lines of a giant asteroid/comet in space whose orbit brings it to its destined place where the earth "finds" it.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      'Cosmic cartographer' got me too Tanner (but then I am assiduously attracted to alliteration).

    • BiocideJ
      BiocideJ commented
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      I see what you did there RLW

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    It is a marvel that all celestial bodies haven't reduced themselves to rubble or ash yet.
    Or have they? And they simply reassemble over the millennia for the next Armageddon ad infinitum.


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      love it! lost in eternal paths wow! I'm stunned


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        BJ - thanks for the tip-off about the acrostic - I had NOT seen it before you told me. I keep meaning to check for that first-thing when viewing a new piece, because several of the poets in the zone like to use that device (myself included - though not for every poem). That steps it up a notch and makes it even cooler. Kudos!


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          It's like Major Tom meets the Revelation of John. Very cleverly wrought and great concept, Biocide.


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            Acrostic poem very well written - the flow - the concept. Kudos BiocideJ.


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              Your diction is always so gripping!

              I agree with Mr. Hayes. Very Major Tomesque!