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  • Anton Brooks - Q-Z

    Anton Brooks - Q-Z

    Quick visit from the lawyer - grounds for appeal
    Quiet in the Courtroom! shouts the sheriff!
    Questionable evidence - prosecutorial misconduct!
    Quivering, Anton gets a second chance

    Rehabilitation costs money, but the State pays
    Rides on buses to the Methadone station
    Reading the Bible - St. James version
    Rounding up old homeless buddies to say hello

    Stupid mistake - Anton could not say no
    Stuporous from the first shot of H
    Sleeping in alleys again - lost the Bible
    Staying away from the clean-up cops

    Thieving little high-schoolers having fun
    They stole his shopping cart - all his stuff
    Time to go home again - see the family
    Turned away - they have their own problems

    Under the freeway bridge - slowly dying
    Using every day - drugs bought from handouts
    Unusually hot today - Anton shot up bad drugs
    Urgent care tries desperately to save him

    Violent seizures - Anton almost died that day
    Virtually no one came to visit - just one
    Violet-lipped Nadine had gone straight
    Visions of a new life with Anton - not likely

    Wasting away in ICU, Anton takes a turn
    Within weeks he is back on the street
    Wandering around aimlessly for days
    Whisperings, the gang is after him for something

    Xenophobic gang members root him out
    X-rays show broken bones where they kicked him
    Xylophone music, discordant, dances in his head
    Xiphius creatures gnaw voraciously at his brain

    Yet Anton survives - he claws his way back
    Yesterday, he was bedridden - today, he is a fugitive
    Your fate is no longer in your hands- what do you do?
    Yelping knife-hounds, saliva-toothed, seek you out

    Zero tolerance have they for liars and excuse-makers
    Zip lock bags for cut up body parts by the dozens
    Zippo lighter for one last free base - kill the pain
    Zigzag cuts to the belly - this little piggy should have stayed home

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    I guess Anton can finally rest in peace (or seemingly pieces). Great job making it through X. I would probably have copped out and used excellent or some other type word, but kudos for talking the harder road.


    • MHenry
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      Haha! True, BJ! I thought about using Ex words for a beat, but I decided to go for the real deal. Thanks for sticking it out with me!

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    Oh my gosh - YOU DID IT! And you even included 'X'. Honestly, MHenry - it's not that I ever doubted your ability, I just couldn't imagine how you'd continue this epic and arduous undertaking. Grandmaestro indeed - hats thoroughly off and tipped low - you amaze - in the best ways! That Anton has the stamina of a Titan (as does his creator).


    • MHenry
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      Thank you, RLW! Those are very kind words and a reward in themselves. I have no doubt you can do this, too! No pressure, though!

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    Sending up the queue for more feedback. This was a rather monumental effort - so additional comments would be much appreciated!

    Here are parts 1 - Anton Brooks, and 2 - Anton Brooks (continued) if you'd like to read the entire saga.


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      Bringing this back up in the queue MH. I missed it. OMG. you certainly did do it. I'm impressed and not sure I would have attempted that.


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        Fantastic, sombre, but really great!
        Several great phrases and images.
        Those lines in "X" were particularly impactful, and, of course, your signature conclusion.