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  • Guilty


    dropped your name today
    when asked how I knew about it

    didn’t give anything away beyond
    a doubt but wanted you to know

    in case some nut comes sniffing
    around for reasons unknown

    there’s probably nothing to
    worry about


    no way I'd
    hang you out to dry like that

    even if you never told me why
    we couldn't ever go back again

    it's not like you were backed
    into a corner with no escape

    just wished I'd have known before

    that we could never go back again

    ©RhymeLovingWriter 2016

  • #2
    Intriguing write, RLW, it seems to be in two parts. Something you said, perhaps indiscreetly and are warning the victim, and something that went on between you and the victim, or were you the victim? You=whoever the protagonist might be.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
      Editing a comment
      Heck, I don't know MHenry. The words just keep coming so I write them down! Actually, you are right on the money - as usual. I'd originally ended the poem at 'right?' - but that felt incomplete. So in my mind I was imagining a (relatively innocent) partner in crime, who found out too late that he/she had been an unwitting accomplice.