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  • Forever

    I shall forever love thee,
    though I may wander.
    Though I may appear
    of others to be fonder.
    Thy heart shall beat
    in this empty breast,
    for thy love is more precious
    than the rest.
    Wait not for me.
    Love another.
    Let not my love
    tear thee asunder.
    Only know, at the setting
    of my sun,
    as I wander
    through eternity
    thou shalt forever be my one.
    Last edited by rhymetime; 08-22-2016, 01:10 PM.

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    You have continued with what I call 'old style' language here rhymetime. Was it Emily Dickinson you mentioned in another post as role model?

    I find this a sweet poem - though a bit of a tease. It speaks of undying love while encouraging infidelity. That certainly fits current sensibilities in some circles!


    • rhymetime
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      I'm gonna be working more on "old style " language. That is where my heart is. Its beauty is beyond comparison. It's the birth of poetry.

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    This is another lovely and sentimental throwback, but this one speaks to me of betrayal, rt! Do I misread?


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      My friends
      I believe what we love is not always what we choose, what we love is not always what we need. Infidelity, betrayal- not new concepts. Emotional, sexual need has long fought with love. Mankind has forever fought to balance and justify love and need. I suspect that need is temporary, love is eternal. Infidelity is not encouraged, betrayal is not but for a moment. Love, despite behavior, is eternal.

      Does that make any sense at all?


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        I agree that who we love is not always what we need or necessarily choose to love but love for me is action. A person can say they love but their actions prove otherwise. That to me is genuine love. Desire and infatuation are something totally different. :-)


        • rhymetime
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          That's the great thing about poetry. It stimulates thought. It stimulates discussion. It makes us wonder. Your thoughts are true and genuine but are they universal?

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        i like this rhymetime i get it. i have seen it. complicated issues this fidelity / love as action/ strong feelings/ attraction/lessons/ living for so many years .... many lessons.... i have not learned them all nor do claim to know the answer. Having been on the hurt side of what appears to be betrayal and still being 'loved' it feels pretty icky (understated!) though intelligently i get it.


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          Quaint language, but most lovely. The complexity of male/female romantic relationships over time is fraught with ambiguities and danger. Sometimes there is more passion in dysfunctional
          relationships, but that is not a healthy tonic over time.


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            This is a desperate sort of love!

            Well done!