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The younger man

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  • The younger man

    I watched a movie with Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Perkins - a younger man who fell in love with an older woman and he tugged at her heart. But in the end...

    The younger man

    Each time I close my eyes, you are with me
    I can sense the warmth in your laughing eyes
    crinkling of the corners mischievously
    Timidly guarding who you are inside

    This awkward passion waiting to erupt
    Beads of sweat of unrelenting tension
    Glistening on your face, my rapt gaze disrupts
    such vulnerable ease with no pretension

    Two young people, enjoying a lifetime---
    This familiarity unnerves me
    In another life and another time
    So in love, even when we disagreed

    But the years and other lives between us
    Cannot be navigated through with ease
    For my womb has become superfluous
    But you are young, will want your own family

    So even though you look at me that way
    Desperately wanting me to choose you
    Yes, you remind me of my younger days
    I cannot be your desire and dismay
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    I love the way you have captured the desire and dismay in this poem, AG!


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    Incredibly lovely and sad. I have seen that movie. Well represented here.


    • AlexandratheLate
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      Thank you very much rhymetime.

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    Thank you Suz-zen. :-)


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      Pragmatism too often intrudes upon our longing.

      You have managed to capture that desperation here.


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        Thank you very much Dwayne and that's so true.


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          Thank you very much BiocideJ for the like.