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Wear shoes, wear shirts, no service!

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  • Wear shoes, wear shirts, no service!

    NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE – the signs are everywhere –
    if people want to look that way – who am I to care?
    I think it’s a conspiracy – on Chests, and Toes, and Feet -
    if we ban together – injustice we can beat!

    Let’s contact Politicians – they’ll gladly get on board -
    support this grassroots movement – votes a sure reward.
    Super PAC’s, Super Facts, Super Anything at all -
    no doorway is too wide – no business it too tall.

    The Press will really scoop it up – they surely can’t resist -
    and those that are against us – they never will be missed.
    So jump on board straight away – no need to get nervous -
    yell it loud for all the hear – WEAR SHOES, WEAR SHIRT, NO SERVICE!

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    Hawaiian Beach Shacks already have this policy and bronze-skinned hard-bodies populate them like crazy!
    I am not so sure how well this would go over for the septuagenarian and up crowd!
    But I like the idea and your clever way of expressing it in poem!


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      Thanks - never been to Hawaii. Maybe should be just a regional policy?