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  • Battle

    "Enemy in sight" impassioned caution
    From the crows nest startles captain
    "Prepare for battle" the captain instruct
    Outnumbered two to one we may destruct

    All hands on deck except for the gun crews
    We change tack will they see the ruse.
    Guns run out on both sides
    One side manned for powerful broadsde

    Pressganged I was this my first battle.
    Tough I look but my teeth rattle.
    The order is given to openfire
    I light the fuse wet with sweat I perspire

    A chain of explosions begin and get louder
    Deafened and nose full of acrid gunpowder
    A last minute maneuvre had taken us away
    From the first ship but for that moment we pay

    Captain of other ship did anticipate
    Pounded by cannon balls of huge weight
    Torn open by splinters from smashed planks
    Crushed by cannonballs no respect for rank.

    Our ships surgeon was well qualified
    Former blacksmith most patients died
    Used his strength and bulkyweight
    To hold them down as he amputate

    The carnage continue I work with rage
    Fear subsumed in my berserk image
    Can hear no orders ears ring from cannon
    Dead and injured lay my companions

    The enemy saiils away and does flee
    Training harsh it kept us afloat on the sea
    The captains report will say victory
    To die another day for king and country
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    Grueling wages of war - quite literally depicted here Parkinsonspoet.


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      RW to be in such a battle must have been hell


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Agreed. My husband (and many men I know) really like watching war movies - they upset me. I know they are only movies - but they are based on the reality of war, and we had some novels of war while I was homeschooling my son - and it hurts my heart what we can do to each other.

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      Die another day they did. Short life expectancy in that pressganged world of reeking holds and the seas' teeth.


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        This is a well-told tale, Pp, with vivid descriptions told in a manner that indicates the quick actions, quick decisions, and quick turns men and women experience in war. 'Mash' on the open sea!