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  • Perilous Peas

    Peas that fall from my fork
    Anxious if judged to be drunk
    Real the problems I face
    Kindness shown if we swapped place
    I feel theydon't understand
    Not in full contol of my hands
    So hard to just eat a meal
    Outside in pubilc seems unreal
    No-one should laugh or stare
    Some dignity just my share

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    A lean, direct description of your experience, Parkinsonspoet, that compels attention with simple eloquence.


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      You tell them Pp! I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it must be to feel stared at all the time. On the other hand, I'd like to think most people do so out of empathy, curiosity or ignorance, rather than out of rudeness or some fucked up sense of 'humour'.
      Anyway, your hands mights be unsteady, but your soul is substantial, your language inspiring and your poetry as solid as a rock!


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
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        Pyro as I aid to Grant I have not actually personally faced this issue but having Parkinsons and knowing others am aware that a meal in a restaurent can be very stessful for others.

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      That you have not faced this but can write with such empathy for others (this is evident in much of your writing) confirms Pyro's comment of your substantial soul and inspiring language. You grace us with your verse!


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        The 'pea' in Parkinson's is a symbol of its dramatic impact on the lives of those afflicted, and your empathy, Pp, is well-expressed in this straightforward but hard-hitting poem.


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          I misread the title as perilous pleas but was delighted you wrote about peas ! and your words give us more dignity.
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