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Recipe for Relief (AKA Anapestic Tetrameter Practice)

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  • Recipe for Relief (AKA Anapestic Tetrameter Practice)

    Recipe for Relief (AKA Anapestic Tetrameter Practice)

    There’s an itch in my side or the side of my brain
    for the many passed days without rhyming refrain
    So I’ve sat down today to correct and amend
    by the balm of writ scratch to apply and append

    It’s the niggling-est nut or the pokiest prod
    which applies to the times when survival plays god
    When said kernel, once rutted, leaves proof at the scene
    clear relief may be found in some rhyme-histamine

    Such queer folly most lowly holds purpose quite small
    yet looms large in response to necessity’s call
    It is mine to provide, sputtered forth with a plea
    that all efforts attempted might not cause melee

    In quite typical quatrain these lines do unfold
    with clear wandering thoughts leaving process un-bold
    sweet relief, for the moment, comes fore to abide
    while a wish for ‘good day’ sidles in by its side

    (Here it is again with the stressed syllables in all caps)

    There’s an ITCH in my SIDE or the SIDE of my BRAIN
    for the MANy passed DAYS without RHYMing reFRAIN
    So I’ve SAT down toDAY to corRECT and aMEND
    by the BALM of writ SCRATCH to apPLY and apPEND

    It’s the NIGGling-est NUT or the POKiest PROD
    which apPLIES to the TIMES when surVIval plays GOD
    When said KERNel, once RUTted, leaves PROOF at the SCENE
    clear reLIEF may be FOUND in some RHYME-histaMINE

    Such queer FOLly most LOWly holds PURpose quite SMALL
    yet looms LARGE in reSPONSE to neCESsity’s CALL
    It is MINE to proVIDE, sputtered FORTH with a PLEA
    that all EFforts atTEMPTed might NOT cause meLEE

    In quite TYPical QUAtrain these LINES do unFOLD
    with clear WANdering THOUGHTS leaving PROcess un-BOLD
    sweet reLIEF, for the MOment, comes FORE to aBIDE
    while a WISH for ‘good DAY’ sidles IN by its SIDE

    ©RhymeLovingWriter 2016

    Note: I hope the bolded syllables don't bother too much, but it is my attempt to show how I follow meter when writing rhyme. I sometimes do this exercise before I post a strictly metered piece to double-check myself as to emphasis. Then again, it's also a(n) habitual practice of mine to use variance. Here is a site with a very simplified explanation of the types and names of meter and variances:

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    This is a great exercise and the poem is as pleasing to the ear as it is to the eye, RLW


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Thanks MHenry. Several other poets have talked a bit about their processes, so I thought I'd join in too! Thanks for taking time to read and comment!

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    wow. thank you! the bolding really helped. like watching tai chi exercises in slow motion!


    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Now that you bring up Taijichuan, I may have to dust off a recently penned haiku later this week! I wasn't going to post it, because it requires some knowledge of Taijichuan to appreciate.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Teach us then MHenry!

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    Very pleasing in flow and meter. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Thanks for the like, the look, and the lovely compliments AtL.

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    A bravura cavalcade of rhyme, full of instructional wit and precision. And the site is very agreeable. I really must learn to wield these terms. This is like a workout regime, Rhymist, and you are the coach, coaxing out extra star jumps from the sweating assemblage of exercisers.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Oh I don't know about coaching anything Grant (though that sounds a lovely compliment in my ear). I am very much just another member on the Rhymezone team, trying to share what I'm learning as I learn it!

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    Ok... I'm gonna need some time to wrap my head round this beauty!
    If it weren't for you the title would've scared me of! As intriguing as 'Recipe for Relief' sounds, it took some effort for me to understand the 'anapestic tertameter' bit. Your poetry challenges my intellect, beyond the boundaries of theory and language, in a way that's surprisingly addictive!
    Your poetic reflections about poetry are like comfort food for the soul: tasty!!
    I've devoured this one and licked my plate.
    I'll relish its flavour 'til its time for dessert... (Please let there be dessert!)
    (Before breakfast?)
    ... hungry for more


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      You are lavish in your comments Pyro. I find it very kind and a most agreeable form of motivation! I do plan to write more, but my first priority today is to create a themed scavenger hunt for one of my grandchildren's birthday. I wrote one for the youngest, and now the next two want one too! One of them I need by tomorrow, and the other one in September. I always rhyme those, and it's not unlikely that a separate poem will sneak itself in-between times though!