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  • Unsaid Things

    Standin with people, our little group

    Everyones talkin but, im lookin at you

    So much I wanna say

    But dont want you to think im insane

    Just a little obsessed

    Do I pass the test

    Just want you to be mine

    All these things I wanna say

    But I am just too afraid

    To tell you how I feel

    All these unsaid things starting to get to me

    I wanna tell you everything

    Want you to hold me tight, wanna hold you all my life

    Our futures bright

    All these unsaid things

    You tell me I look pretty, my heart practically melts

    For a moment, there’s nobody else

    Thinkin how’d I get here? Its like my heart has wings

    I am hopin you also feel that zing

    But suddenly, I slip back to reality

    I remember you don’t love me

    Remember its fake, its in my head

    Theres an other girl that you love instead

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    Do you have music for this? It's great, PB!


    • PoetryBree
      PoetryBree commented
      Editing a comment
      Haha yup. Most of the poems I post these days are actually songs haha.

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    Love/infatuation/dreaming - all lovely fodder for writing - songs or poems! Nicely done PB!


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      Sad. Cuts deep. Well written.


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        Achingly beautiful PoetryBree.