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Escape from Silence

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  • Escape from Silence

    Ripped and ravaged
    Scarred and dead
    Silence a savage
    Cancer in my head

    Bent and broken
    Tried, untrue
    For truths unspoken
    I've failed to love you

    The truth withheld
    As honor dies
    My kingdom felled
    By wordless lies

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    omission of truth... BiocideJ a lie or no? i like this piece. your first stanza very strong. Title makes me wonder, was there an escape?


    • BiocideJ
      BiocideJ commented
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      And as to your question of ''lie or no?'' I feel like experience has proved to me that it is.

    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      Very good to hear. The silence can be harmful. i like many things about this. reminds me of a poem I wrote not long ago. I am going to look for it and post. Tanner just mentioned silence in a poem too. All signs that it is time to dust mine off! Thank you for sharing this one!

    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      'call to action to myself to change the faults I see within' no greater call than this!! BRAVO!

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    Very nice, BiocideJ. A pithy and poetic call to honesty and transparency.


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      The sensibility of a penitential psalm in the terse diction of authentic remorse. I find this very affecting.


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        Wordless lies. Love that line!

        Striking. Sorrowful. Eloquent.


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          I agree. wordless lies is such a perfect strong ending!


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            Catching up BJ. Agree with all above and particularly liked your comments about a call to action for self.