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    From the dark river's edge I watched
    As they brought you caged on the barge
    Captured in the rainforest of Belize

    Your ancestors who stalked their prey
    With vigilance roamed the savannahs
    Of the vast Pleistocene my black jaguar

    I want to disguise myself in perpetual
    Surveillance of the only heaven laid bare
    Your eye fires adrift beyond my care

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    '...eye fires adrift beyond my care', very magical phrasing in this Tanner. I've long been mesmerized by the sound of French and hope to learn it one day. Your poetry so often has an epic feel - not a lot of words, but they bespeak cavernous realities of universe and time.


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      This is Tanner from the top drawer. Evocative, image-rich, musical, observant ... moving.


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        aaah yes tanner! the cat has given this poem its mysterious power.


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          As the observer, or certainly in the shoes, sandals, or bare feet of the observer, imagining what life might have been like for the hapless caged black jaguar you watch from the river's edge, you transport us back as well. The last stanza makes me think you represent all humanity, guiltless over the defilement of nature. This poem bears the stamp of 'Tanner magic.'
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            To ALL thank you for your insightful comments. I believe chatoyance actually refers to the changes in the perception of light as seen in cats' eyes (if memory serves me correct).