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  • Shire

    Gentle giant of the field
    Day finally arrived to yield
    Faced your burdens with grace
    Overtaken in progresses race

    A noble beast once carried knights
    Calm and confident in its might
    From war role it moved to farm
    Hard worker reliable with charm

    Horse with shoulders deep and wide
    Bristling with muscles under hide
    Ploughed the earth pulled the dray
    Powered the country in its day

    Even in industrial revolution
    Shires were four legged solution
    On canals pulled the barge
    Moved loads immensely large

    Time of the shire came to pass
    In the muck magnificent brass
    In the tractor they now trust
    In time will start to rust

    The shire works in quiet dignity
    Tractor engine roar incessantly
    Seems ironic at this hour
    Each tractor claims horsepower

    Stoic horse your strength was key
    Former farming productivity
    Former glory we can review
    Memmories remain stuck with glue
    Last edited by Parkinsonspoet; 08-06-2016, 02:21 AM.

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    You have gracefully retired this tractor, Pp. It makes me think of how I, too, will soon be put to pasture to rust and gather cobwebs.


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      Since I come from the country, farm country of the mid-west plains, this has a really nostalgic tone I like Parkinsonspoet. It's not too melancholy - but rather a thoughtful look back at what was and forward to what will be. The first stanza is particularly (almost literally) relevant to me, as my Dad has just in the past month started to sell off some of the bigger machinery that he farmed with the past 30+ years. It's got to bittersweet indeed. Thank you. I enjoyed this very much.
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        MHenry and RhymeLovingWriter Thank you so much for your comments I had already wondered whether I was happy with balance of this. I read this again and saw your comments about the tractor-it is actually about shire horses.I have added 3 extra verses which I believe redress the imbalnce can you tell me what you both think now.


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          A memory of simpler times. A well written tribute to a fine animal. I liked your clever references to horse power and glue.


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            My Mum has a thing about shire horsesI intend to compile some of my poetry for her)-glad you noticed the mention of glue Thank you


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              What a noble piece about the shire Pp, nostalgic with reverence and respect for this beautiful beast.


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                Yes, it is more clear with these new verses Parkinsonspoet - and the story feels even more complete! Perhaps my own background and memories played into my engagement with the first version - I think now clearly that it did. I find it honorable that you write verse with your Mum in mind - I'm sure her fondness for shire horses would make this one a hit!


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                  I only got to read this after the addition but I think it's wonderful. can't think of a better way to honor the shire horse or your mothers fondness for them.