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  • Beastly burden

    The erstwhile warrior
    wiped his brow,
    and laid waste to
    the life-spring of his foes.
    The war was over,
    at least the one for which
    one's nemesis
    could be clutched and split
    with a ready blade.
    There were
    no more champions to dethrone.
    No more
    kingdoms to conquer.
    The twilight of a battle
    is a time for nursing wounds,
    both incurred
    and inflicted.
    He had fed
    the angry beast within,
    and, it had proven,
    an insatiable glutton.
    There were no more scraps
    to toss before its bloody jaws.
    The time had come
    to make of it,
    a burnt offering.
    His heart
    made anchor in his chest,
    the rhythm strained
    from the dogged pursuit
    of retribution,
    affording inner peace.
    An unworthy venture.
    An unachievable one.
    We can mourn our losses,
    but we can never avenge them,

    he said.
    grasping the hand of his progeny,
    to bury the fallen,
    alongside his vengeance.
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    Wow! Dwayne, you can see the conqueror on a mound surrounded by the fallen, yet unassuaged and suffering!


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      Magnificent sense of drama in this, Dwayne. I'd love to see it on the big screen.


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        This is powerful verse DWAYNE! I agree with MHenry - your descriptive phrasing really makes the scenes come alive. I particularly like the phrase 'his heart made anchor in his chest'. It rings with strength and valor!


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          Magnificent is true Dwayne. I'm sorry I missed this one but someone is flooding the zone with so many poems that these get pushed aside. I'm bringing this one back to the top. Truly outstanding!!
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            DWAYNE !!! not enough time to give all of my thoughts/my comments!For now.... bravo!!!


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              Fantastic heart touching scene- you have it vivid and the message is eternal. great work as usual


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                once again I am wiser than before I read your poem.


                • RhymeLovingWriter
                  RhymeLovingWriter commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I like this comment LG. It is true for me also - many, many times over.

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                Thanks for reading, and the many kind words.

                I find that the work produced here, sparks new ideas regarding firm and substance.

                It is a real blessing to have this forum.