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A new Write-- The The Real Estate Waiting Game Volume 19 staaaaaaaarrrrrring???

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  • A new Write-- The The Real Estate Waiting Game Volume 19 staaaaaaaarrrrrring???

    I'm sitting at the reception desk and I'm ready, able and willin
    when all of a sudden the telephone rings and it's legend, musician Bob Dylan
    Now you know when you get a call like this it's nothing less than thrillin
    and I will be clearing my schedule today, my calendar for him I'll be fillin

    'Well hello Mr.Dylan how are you today,can I help you find a new home?
    So happy to hear your voice as they say, on the other end of the phone"
    With his famous, gravelly chops on the line, he asked the following question in rhyme
    "I'm looking for a home near the Widow Jane Mine, while the Town of Rosendale is in it's prime"

    'Yes, the town of Rosendale continues to climb, as a popular town to relax and unwind
    Folks from the city at the drop of a dime, come up on the weekend for music and wine'
    "Like a rollin stone, real estate friend of mine, can you find me a home that's one of a kind?
    My home in Woodstock I'm leaving behind, I'll be hangin in the caves like a bat stoned blind

    'The acoustics in the mine are quite sublime,we can purchase a permit for you anytime'
    "Can we lobby the town for concerts at nine, after the locals have wined and dined?"
    'Shouldn't be a problem and I'm sure you will find, the town board is friendly, I know they won't mind
    "We must make sure the home is designed, to handle the crowds and they're safely confined

    'I've found you a home and I think it's top billin, are you ready to buy, my friend Mr.Dylan?'
    "I'm ready to buy can't wait I'll be chillin, the cool caves at Widow Jane, with my fans I'll be millin"
    "The asking price for your home is just over a million, for a nature preserved stone concert pavilion'
    "And for your efforts my real estate minion, with commission for this sale you should make a killin

    (c) All Rights reserved Bobby Del Boy July 27, 2016

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    Bob Dylan...the man is still an enigma to me...but he made some mighty memorable music! Again you've done an awesome job Bobby!


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      RhymeLovingWriter , I always think of you when I write and post these. Thanks buddy!


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        Another great one Bobby!


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          I'm a huge fan of Bob Dylan! I saw him in concert once but he was so far away I couldn't really enjoy it. I enjoyed this poem very much BDB!


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            A Great compliment from Alexandra the Great. Everything is Great!


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              MH, hopefully I brought him closer. Thanks for stopping by.


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                Love Bob Dylan, love your stories in rhyme I will always make the time! Great job as always


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                  Guest enough about me, I missed you and thank you my friend!