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  • Lucifer

    Last edited by grant hayes; 12-25-2017, 08:34 PM.

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    A delicious gem of a four-syllable examination of Lucifer, heaven's hacked gem.
    I am a little unsure of the ending, but it seems like some resurrection or reincarnation event.
    The devices of assonance and consonance are omnipresent in this piece as in much of your work, grant Sensei.
    This is vintage grantian fare, and a pure joy to read and re-read!
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    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      Many thanks for reading, Maestro. I don't want to over-explain the ending, but 'your time returns' here is suggestive of a lifespan, a moment of greatness, and the Great Recurrence of Nietzsche. 'We burn to life' simply inverts all routine associations of destructive fire, as in the expressions 'burned to death' and 'hellfire', and suggests instead a kind of necessary, vital energy.

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    Another deep write.

    For me, an examination of the price of independent will.

    I believe one must view the subject metaphorically, to truly appreciate the message.


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      Grant, Very pregnant with many meanings. Tight and expansive. Your clipped phrasing is a mighty weapon. I just watched a hackneyed and very bad horror movie in the middle of the night
      called The Remaining which was about The Rapture interrupting a wedding party. Your poem today was a welcome relief.


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        I have to let this one swirl around me a bit more before commenting further.... i am diggin' it grant hayes !


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          St. Michael

          I am he who
          has your number
          wreathed in righteous
          faith, armored in
          the All-mighty;
          battle bruised but
          never beaten
          side by side we'll
          brave your burning
          to life...or death


          • RhymeLovingWriter
            RhymeLovingWriter commented
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            Yeah Suz-zen - I'm pretty sure I used Grant's poem as a prompt this time - and the inner Spirit was poking pretty hard at me, so this appeared. Just now I carelessly broke a calendar frame, so I must have unsettled someone in the spiritual warfare realm. But I'm strapped in, ready to go, and Grant, thankfully, is an understanding soul and teacher.

          • grant hayes
            grant hayes commented
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            Who is like God?
            Behold my hands,
            unblessed and whole:

            What wound's honour
            can cut a song
            through angelfire,
            or wreathe a brow
            unmired from seed?

            What can brother's
            know of the ray
            night made naked?

          • RhymeLovingWriter
            RhymeLovingWriter commented
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            man alone stands
            in My image
            weaponed, speaking
            tongues of angels
            holy, wholly
            bonded, chosen,
            compassion clad,
            kindness gentled,
            patience telling
            love - over all

            perfection found
            in forgiveness

            thankfulness sung
            for God alone
            the beginning
            the omega
            in Him all things
            even you...began

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          oh my! heavens hacked gem! brilliant


          • grant hayes
            grant hayes commented
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            Haha, thank you, master of nocturnes!

          • AlexandratheLate
            AlexandratheLate commented
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            Many likes Grant!!