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  • Serape

    When 2 people speak intimately
    Perhaps in whispers

    An almost imperceptible aura
    Starts to glimmer

    Nestles down comes to sit quietly
    On their shoulders

    They are startled by the arrival
    Of this brightly

    Coloured serape but continue
    Their conversation

  • #2
    And those around them are stricken by the beauty of it!
    Nice, Tanner. Intimate yet understated observation of the joy of coupling.


    • #3
      In those few words you have captured the essence of intimacy. The collective cultivation of a new entity, we.


      • #4
        MHenry and Dwayne, this poem was actually inspired by the title. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. MHenry and Dwayne, I particularly like your phrases "joy of coupling" and "new entity, we" - I fear you guys are too astute and wide ranging in your observations.


        • #5
          Oh I really like this too Tanner - it speaks of the essence of 'coupleness'. And I also like MHerny's and DWAYNE's comments referencing the influence it has on those around them, and 'the cultivation of ...we'. Just a beautiful image of when things are going rightly.


          • #6
            I think this aura also visits you when you write.


            • #7
              RLW, you see you have had a influence of my poetry and steering me toward a positive mindset. Much appreciated. Listen LG, I wish the Aura would camp out over and around me.


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                Limpidly lyrical. I had never encountered the word serape before. To me, at first sight, it had hints of the divine about it, echoing the name of the god Serapis and the bright flaming seraph. Now that I know what it means, I still bear my fanciful freight to it.