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Scott Jurek conquers the Appalachian Trail

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  • Scott Jurek conquers the Appalachian Trail

    He committed to run the Appalachian Trail
    after twenty two hundred miles he did not fail
    Powered by plants and running through the pain
    fighting a knee injury and a quadriceps strain

    He set a new record by more than three hours
    fighting mother nature and multiple rain showers
    Running at night, slick roots and rocky scrambles
    determined to the end despite the dangerous gambles

    Many thousand steps between death and a daily birth
    every day's a new day to conquer mother earth
    "Inhabiting a different world, a life of roots and rocks",
    fighting pain and fatigue and multiple body shocks

    All across America we admire his dedication
    and in his own words "I want to be an inspiration"
    Out of his effort we're inspired to achieve our goals
    he's shown the way to glory, never quitting and always bold.

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    This is wonderful Bobby! I've only read about (never hiked any of) the Appalachian Trail and the stories alone are amazing. I love how you weave poetic stories from actual life events about inspiring people. I feel inspired - by your poem - and by his feat!


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      great motivational post 😄


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        Great piece of poetry celebrating one man's remarkable achievement, BDB!


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          Quite a feat beautifully told Bobby. Like the pic too!!


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            RhymeLovingWriter , thank you as always. I really enjoy writing about men and women's accomplishments. I think a women write is next, but before I post that I will be posting a new edition to The Real Estate Waiting Game written yesterday. Thank you again my poet friend!
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              I've always wanted to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. My knee usually dies after day 4 or 5 on the few longer hikes I've taken. But considering the beauty of the world in such locations I'm usually happy to just remain wherever I am until whatever vacation I had left is finished. So really... a little pain allows me to stop and enjoy everything a little more!

              Hiking the trail, regardless of speed or age, is a pretty amazing feat and this was a fun poem about his aspiration, adversity and accomplishment.


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                Merkavah thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. I also posted a poem about. The Pikes Peak Marathon that I think you would also enjoy. Love to walk and hike with my wife also.