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Lurking Strangers

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  • Parkinsonspoet
    MHenry I love this apart from the end line and am not sure what to say This is just my personal reaction- All the lines are from the mind of a paranoid person the arrator but the last line from the other people for me it would flow better if the last line was a realisation from the narrators point of view.

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  • MHenry
    started a topic Lurking Strangers

    Lurking Strangers

    Lurking Strangers

    Those lurking strangers
    Whispering - furtive glances
    They know I see them
    I cross the street to feel safe
    Still, sweat beads on my forehead

    Now, they head my way
    Running faster toward me
    I start to panic
    I speed up - should I run, too?
    Nah! We miss the bus, so what!