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  • Pressganged

    Wake up ye rogues a voice does rasp
    Nausea from motion brain does grasp
    Head thumping and throat raw
    At seventeen this I saw

    A captain inspects his new crew
    Any dissent a whipping due
    Tear your flesh at his command
    Ships cat in bosuns hand

    Disorientated on head a lump
    Although drunk gave me a bump
    Mocking manacles make it hard to stand
    Chains weigh heavy must follow command

    Legs shaky as brazen waves buffet ship
    Balance awry careful not to slip
    Lead onto deck eyes squint in the sunshine
    Sailor former farmer, papers with cross I signed

    On deck I look up at the sails unfurled and unfilled
    Ponderous propulsion, wind hidden identity breeze stilled
    Powerful beast of the sea rides waves with lazy lilt
    Its motion stirs my stomach with every tilt

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    Nicely done, Parkinspoet! Captured from the viewpoint of one of the impressed pulls you in to see and feel it happen!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you an interesting word that needed a poem

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    There is that word again, but this time brought to life by the poor, pressganged sailor! Very well done, Pp!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you- I have in mind that this is the first of perhaps 3

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    I agree - nicely turned - and I'm even more excited now that you've hinted there is more to come! Looking forward to it!


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      Dancing diction here.

      Love how you paint a picture!


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        Thank you RLSW and Dwayne