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  • Wales

    I am English but I name
    A team I acclaim
    A team and yet more
    Pride a nation adores

    More than sum of parts
    Yet more than honest hearts
    A team of no little skill
    Combined will a strong will

    Jewel in the crown that is Bale
    Prodigal footballer of Wales
    He is still just one
    Others supporting their golden one

    By no means a one man team
    All others played like a fram
    Head for goal, magical turn
    Of others we marvel and learn

    I add this my English tribute
    To Wales I offer my salute
    Best football team in the UK
    Celebrate you deserve your day

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    Nice tribute, Parkinsonspoet! The best team in the UK! But you shouldn't forget Northern Ireland with how far they made it, and they don't have a Bale to carry them. I did so want Wales to beat Portugal, though!


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      Northern Ireland did well but Wales do have Bale and he s part of the team.Thank you for kind words

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    A fine tribute piece, Pp! Good luck to your favorite team!


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      Very magnanimous and well wrought, Parkinsonspoet. The spirit of chivalrous good sportsmanship is not dead!


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        Nice tribute Pp. Enjoyed it. :-)


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          great poem pp 😄 fyi I'm for Argentina 😪


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            I was also for Argentina and had Wales going through to the finals (where they were going to be beaten by Germany.) Oh the sadness!

            I think the unusual teamwork of Wales (also shown in the brief rise of Leicester City) is something dearly missed and thus truly enjoyed when a team displays it for the world to cheer on.


            • #8
              believe it or not I see poetry in the argentine style of play. they hypnotize opponents with their lazy but artistic passing their control is superb and then the perfect timing of an indefensible goal. if they weren't soccer players they'd be writers.