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  • Frustrated Discipline

    Gathered patches for quilt.
    Frustrated discipline forms guilt
    ...and oversized handkerchief.

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    Unfinished business! At least you have something to cry in! Very nice, Dwayne! It's good to see your playful side!


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      This is not your usual fare
      I will need to give it some thought
      Because it is from you it's worth thinking about


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        Ha Ha DWAYNE - I like it! Short, sweet - witty and wise. Great stuff!


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          Inspired by some recent MHenry and Suz-zen

          Just thought I would have some fun!


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            this was as much fun to read as you must've had writing it 😄


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              Great write Dwayne. Funny and witty.


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                It is not all fun and games, there is a greater meaning.


                • grant hayes
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                  Thank goodness! I was pondering that, and then thought I may have been overthinking it!

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                The quilt is metaphorical.

                Recent writes offer some clues.


                • grant hayes
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                  Thought so. It's a terrific metaphor overall, Dwayne.

                • AlexandratheLate
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                  Sounds like trying to piece solutions but coming up short. But I thought It was witty with a twist of your humor shining through.

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                Interesting, DWAYNE. A change in style for you. Big plans, small means, do what you can. That's what I got from this.


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                  After reading comments, I feel Dwayne is saying he is feeling a little stifled due to recent fallout.


                  • DWAYNE
                    DWAYNE commented
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                    As usual MHenry, you get me.

                    We too often begin with a bang, end with a whimper, wallow and whine.

                    Sometimes you want to make amends but, for whatever reason, you can't.

                    Many years ago, my best friend died in a car accident. I do not have any actual brothers, and we were like kin.

                    He had called me days before, something he rarely did. He always said he preferred to see the whites of your eyes, when conversing.

                    Typical teenager, I was too self-absorbed with my first summer job, and an impending vacation, that I simply did not return the call.

                    On the day he died, less than a week later, while I was on vacation, I literally felt it in my bones. I was inexplicably distraught, despite not learning of his death until I returned home, after the funeral, nearly 2 weeks later.

                    It later was discovered, in his writings, that, for several weeks, he had had dreams foreshadowing the manner of his death.

                    For years I was haunted by my failure to return that call. Yet, what can I do about it?

                    Life is for the living, so I used that lesson to just be more attentive in my relationships. I know that it has made me a better brother, uncle, cousin, partner, colleague etc.

                    Still, whenever someone expresses appreciation for my consideration, there is always a tinge of guilt.

                    Sometimes you just can't patch things up, all you can do is learn, and be better for the lesson.

                    I used to shy away from that, but now I embrace it.
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