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Bloodied Bathtime

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  • Bloodied Bathtime

    Did his mommy forget him or something?
    4 year old in a bath, the faucet left running-
    And she left "a minute" to go pour some more happy juice in her cup.

    Brennan was just soaking in it,
    The water rising around his small body, and in a matter of minutes-
    His fingers and world would start pruning up-

    Mother tried to be careful, wasteful-
    Tried so hard to never let the bathtub fill, but
    Brennan always got under her skin...
    He cries and she's like:
    "Oh oh, here you go. I say one God damn thing and you decide to overflow-"
    She hated it when his emotion's overspilled...

    Yesterday, Brennan got into some trouble-
    Mother held him under til the bath wasn't full of oxygen bubbles-
    Then she threw his toys all away,
    Drowned with her only unwanted little love,
    They found her with electronics submerged in that same bathtub-
    You'd end it all too if you played the same games God made them play.

    (I'll finish later 💕)

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    Ow, wow! This is some heavy shit, OWA! Two people drowned. The only people in the poem, and you aren't done yet! I'm not sure I can take more!


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      Ha ha, Thanks MHenry! 💕


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        I agree with MHenry, Wingless! This paints quite the disturbing image. Please keep going- im interested to see what happens!


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          Thank you much, Cindilockil! 💕