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    Red and white stripes below prominent stars that rise beyond the blue
    Protesting tyranny for freedom, Founders fought and bled neath you

    Gifted to us, The Constitution gave 'We The People' power
    But Obama's executive orders power showered coward!

    Obama, Constitutional destruction doesn't go unpaid
    Be afraid there's more people than sheeple who see through your charade

    Hissing lies, tonguing the air, Clinton's snaking for President's chair
    Factually guilty of treason, it's beyond reason she'd dare

    Muslims who want to shell infidels is a daily U.S. haul
    True Americans will refuse to crawl under Sharia Law!

    This vain government's over-reached empowerment's pure pollution
    Just like our Founder's solution, time for a new revolution!
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    You sound quite passionate about your subject matter Dee. I'd surmise there are others who feel opposite, but am hopeful we can continue to hear all opinions here in the zone, since it's about the rhyme. As for that, I can see you've used both straight and slant rhyme and a variety of counts in your couplets. Was that by design, or did you let the choice of words dictate?


    • Dee Camper
      Dee Camper commented
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      I'm sorry if you're offended with the content, but I do feel VERY strongly; Thank you very much for reading, RhymeLovingWriter (Oh, I wrote by design). Thanks again!

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      I'm not offended - sorry if I left that impression. I don't offend easily these days because it's just not good for open dialogue. I like that this is a safe place to try ideas.