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The Hunger

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  • The Hunger

    My skin's blue with icy chill
    Heartbeat's racing in the still
    Head's a twirling swirling spin
    Haunting woods I'm hiding in

    Spiking razors stead of claws
    Wears six massive furry paws
    As it's tracking after me
    Breaking branches of oak trees

    Toxins permeate the air
    Biological warfare
    Neath the white house lives the beast
    Spared the poisons he released

    Infections led to gangrene
    Most had died in quarantine
    Their heads boiled made small skulls
    Sold as children's life-like dolls

    Mutations bred quickly spread
    Some live on though others dead
    Very few turned out like me
    Image of immunity

    Smell of sulfur means it's near
    Normally, I'm not in fear
    Yet hunger's awake within
    Come morn I'll mourn my husband

    Thirty feet long, lost my limbs
    Ravenous jaws had unhinged
    Razor paws fueled my aching
    Til the hunger wakes again
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    oooh this is haunting. glad its not bedtime or i would be in trouble.


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      lunar, Thank you! You're greatly appreciated!