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Declarations with a Civil Tongue

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  • Declarations with a Civil Tongue

    Vitriol bellowed by some,
    does not negate
    the legitimate outrage
    of many.

    An expression of hate,
    perpetrated by one individual,
    is not
    the articulation of vengeance,
    by every man.

    For the nihilistic,
    and the insane,
    need little
    to incite their terrifying impulses.
    voices lifted in protest,
    do not,
    a homicidal chorus, make.

    Not every man who shares
    the dermalogical hue,
    harbours a common intent.
    And not everyone
    who claims to be kin,
    espouses the family credo.

    if there be prodigal sons among us,
    let us name them.
    Let us render them disavowed.
    if they renounce
    their contemptibility,
    let us, in mercy, re-embrace.

    For my insistence on better treatment,
    is not a call for you to endure worse.
    one ought not oppose cruelty,
    by imposing it.

    it is no answer
    to crude and callous conduct
    within a man's house,
    that, the victim,
    would surely have endured,
    more deplorable treatment

    There is a great deal of difference
    between "turning the other cheek",
    and volunteering to be slapped.
    The former demonstrates
    Gandhian virtue,
    the latter, masochistic folly.

    For one has only so many
    cheeks to turn,
    before he finds a voice to raise,
    and, at last, a fist to swing.
    This is neither desirable,
    nor commendable,
    but it is human nature.

    So let us now,
    appeal to the divine.
    well before anger
    turns to blows,
    let he who has a gripe,
    declare it
    with a civil tongue,
    only his tormentors,
    rejecting prejudice,
    championing integrity,
    with retribution against none,
    and humanity for all.
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    The most powerful statement. As I read it kept searching for a line or verse that I could quote and expound upon. In the end the entire verse is so captivating. It's simply beyond my ability to respond sufficiently.

    I will just say thank you


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      I hope you seek to publish this. It deserves a far broader audience than us


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        Excellent, Dwayne! You have a clear, powerful and wonderful way of expressing your thoughts, and this one is no exception!
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          I've been very busy and saddened that some people feel as you so eloquently wrote,
          it is no answer
          to crude and callous conduct
          within a man's house,
          that, the victim,
          would surely have endured,
          more deplorable treatment

          We should all be grateful for the gift of life but in life we should strive to be grateful that we are all equal.

          Refugees should be grateful to being lent a helping hand as we are grateful when a neighbor helps us when we're sick but that is not a green light to abuse their vulnerability nor for people to abuse generosity. I can never condone any of the murders period.

          This is is outstanding Dwayne. Your eloquence and perception is how I wish I could express my feelings.


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            DWAYNE, your poetry always impresses, not just in how it flows but in how you say what is important in measured, though emphatic, tones. Bravo!


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              Just to bring it to the front where it belongs


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                this is as impressive as ever powerful eloquent clearly expressed and heartfelt.


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                  The inauguration speech that would make the listener weep with emotion. It could only come from the speaker who has felt the pain associated with historical proportions. The voice of many men and women oppressed,depressed and suppressed for too long. Standing ovation!


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                    In my ideal land, Dwayne, you'd be pharaoh.


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                      Thanks to all for the kind words and encouragement.

                      A wise man suggested that I be more self-critical.

                      You would be amazed at what you find, hovering in corners of your soul.