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  • Just Thinking

    Just Thinking

    somewhere along the journey
    in brambled, prickly style
    opinions flew past gentle
    perceptions peaked at vile

    some took a strong position
    admonishment full view
    then chided those who silence held
    in humblest purview

    as requisite respondence
    in gentlest fashioned formed
    self-deprecating righteousness
    could hope to calm the storm

    it’s neither cavialarity
    nor apathetic stall
    to hold a tongue at bay by choice
    just self-control – that’s all

    so quick these days offense is made
    intentional or no
    then after judgment, side by side
    observe a further show

    assign no guilt but self-examed
    then follow as you will
    my thought? perhaps a second chance
    would be much kinder still

    ©RhymeLovingWriter 2016

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    A sensitive subject handled sensitively and poetically, RLW.


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      Simple pleasures, sometimes measure, what's most important. Time to move on. One thing is a constant. Friendships will wane but the poetry will remain.


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        Clearly, I've missed some stramash. Here the love of rhyme is deployed to diagnose, propose, and point a way, in classic Rhymist style.