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  • Identity

    Man of the world has to be
    First thoughts on my identity
    Many aspects to my personality
    English,European, Cornish all me

    A man of thought A man of words
    A man with passion that you heard
    Yet always fair is my intent
    Sometimes fail though well meant

    The sum of background and experience
    Totalling in us all is the variance
    Conscious and unconscious bias
    If unaware can be over pious

    We need tolerance and understanding
    When contentious points are landing
    The benefits of free speech
    Lost to all if quibk to impeach

    To listen and have respect
    To consider anothers aspect
    Slower to judge quicker to choose
    To consider how it feels in anothers shoes

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    Great write and so true!


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      thank you for your kind word

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    Very good point and well presented, Parkinsonspoet!


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      i agree. wonderful poem!


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        The Golden Rule coupled with self-awareness. Very nicely done Parkinsonspoet!


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          Such a great and timely truth. Perfect in conception and presentation

          Thank you for sharing


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            Pp as the resonant voice of reason and restraint in rhyme and rhetoric! Thanks for the poetic appeal, Pp!


            • Parkinsonspoet
              Parkinsonspoet commented
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              When I joined this site I did not it expect it to mean anything to me and yet I received much warmth and compassion and sincerity from a wonderful collection of individuals. Recent posts have saddened me that people feel they have to leave. In general we don't know peoples full stories or what drives them. We are all men and women of reason and compassion. I have broken my own rules in personally interfering in arguements that are for others to sort but I do it only out of respect for all concerned. Guest Guest Guest

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            I salute! There is something timeless and deeply optimistic about your perspective, Parkinsonspoet.