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  • Abduction

    High and low,
    I'm looked for him,
    Searching so,
    I wanted him.

    "Come, my dear,"
    I cried,
    "We're not playing hide-and-seek here."
    I wondered if he'd died.

    My poor dear son,
    he only left me for a moment,
    in the garden to run.
    Now with grief I'm bent.

    My neighbourhood has seemed so safe.
    He was inside our own yard.
    Yet now my hands in grief I chafe,
    My heart is forever scared.

    Good people of my community,
    Help me search for him.
    Let us work in unity,
    though the thoughts of our minds grow grim.

    A few seconds,
    A moment in time,
    It was enough for him to follow a beckon,
    and for another that fence to climb.

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    Please tell us this is an imaginary piece (not based on personal tragedy). Although life experience often provides great fodder for poetic baling, this is one of the most terrifying things I could see happening to someone. Death of a child or loved one is difficult - not knowing what happened to them - would likely render me speechless. You have penned power in your verse.


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      Yes, this is an imaginary piece. At the time when I wrote it, the city where I live had recently suffered quite a few abductions of children in a short space of time. I think I just really wrote it from my heart, picturing the grief of a mother whose child had been abducted. I wrote it for the Rhymezone Poetry Contest (community). I am glad you found it so powerful.