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  • Dear Citizen

    Dear Citizen,
    Allow me to introduce myself.
    You may know me as Constable,
    and, although my wife
    sometimes calls me John,
    more often, than not,
    she calls me honey;
    but my kids,
    just call me dad.

    I became a policeman
    because the notion of helping others
    inspired me.
    I wanted to be the one
    entering into the fray,
    when the natural inclination,
    is to run away.

    Recent tragedies
    have rocked us both:
    by the senseless murders
    of your brethren;
    and me,
    by the assassination
    of my own.

    Both the tragic confluence
    of prejudice,
    against a color,
    against a uniform.

    It frightens me to think
    that the atrocious conduct
    of some who wear this uniform
    who claimed to share this calling,
    has, for many,
    led to the vilification,
    of all who wear this uniform.

    You say that there is prejudice,
    you say that there is injustice,
    perpetrated by some of us,
    entrusted to keep the peace.
    I say,
    let each man
    bear the burden of his sins.
    Let each man have the right
    to the presumption of virtue.
    If there be, prejudices,
    let us:
    address them,
    dispel them,
    overcome them.

    Dear Citizen,
    My name is John,
    and just like you,
    I want to
    get back home
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    I like the way you structured this message Dwayne. It's pretty much the refrain I've been hearing/seeing in the media the past day or so. Both sides now. You are versatile!


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      Well done Dwayne. I also like that you presented and addressed both sides. Outstanding!!


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        This piece and the companion piece are extraordinarily well crafted, Dwayne!