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  • Dear Officer

    Dear Officer,
    Recently there has been some,
    regarding your role,
    within the community,
    in general,
    and the community,
    in which I reside,
    in particular.

    Let us not mistake
    for literal truth.
    You are not, in fact,
    the law.
    You are, quite simply,
    one who is both:
    empowered by,
    and governed by,

    You are entrusted with
    the awesome responsibility
    to protect
    the life,
    and security,
    of all citizens,
    by defending us
    against those
    who would wish to
    threaten these rights.

    I am as entitled
    to expect
    civil treatment by you,
    as you are entitled
    to my respect and appreciation,
    for the difficult function you perform.
    This is a mutual obligation,
    and neither of us are justified in
    violating this trust.

    In order to maintain
    this reciprocal respect,
    you must treat me,
    the way you would expect
    to be treated,
    at every stage of our interaction,
    even, in the unlikely event,
    that you are compelled
    to apprehend me.

    The power to detain,
    and arrest,
    is not now,
    nor has it ever been,
    Carte Blanche
    to employ any tactic,
    no matter how unnecessary,
    no matter how dangerous,
    no matter how deadly,
    that brings me to heel.

    In short,
    you ought to be
    as reluctant to take my life,
    as I am,
    to forfeit it.
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    Ah, I'd not seen this one first Dwayne, but I repeat - I like the way you structured this - and the pair of them show how clearly you expound two sides of the issue - in your own talented and informative style. Thank you for this pairing. Very nicely done!


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      Nice pairing Dwayne and shows your convictions and strength of character. I am continually humbled by your writing.


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        This is a powerful and extremely clear, well-written piece, Dwayne. Excellent!


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          I have read both letters. While they could easily stand alone, together they are much more powerful. I appreciate the way you visualize and present both sides of this difficult and painful issue.

          "In short,
          you ought to be
          as reluctant to take my life,
          as I am,
          to forfeit it."

          I think this really sums it up.



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            And this piece can only be so "well written" by one who has been there.