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My Fidgety Flo's got "Sunshine in her Pockets"

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  • My Fidgety Flo's got "Sunshine in her Pockets"

    My beautiful wife immersed in light
    as the end of day turns to night
    Sunshine in her pockets clouds in her hands
    the center of the universe is where she stands

    If you look closely you can see her soul
    The warmth of the sun has made her whole
    Her light and love continue to shine
    I'm proud to say this goddess is mine

    She's always held it together so well
    The earth and the sun her story do tell
    My spiritual mentor my princess bride
    has taken me on this glorious ride

    In this moment we experienced heaven
    Our spirits transformed our bodies leavened
    Where we've been and where we're going
    Rising with the moon and sunset glowing

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    Wow Bobby, this is a romantic ode fit for your queen. So happy to hear of your happiness!


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      Ahhh, thank you RhymeLovingWriter


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        Hallmark card! Nice. BDB


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          what a beautiful photo and words!


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            Beautiful Bobby - you are both fortunate to have found each other. Love the pic also!!


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              lunar glide ta-cke-saved-href="#" href="#" class="b-bbcode-user js-bbcode-user" data-userid="4452">MHenry, thank you all. After the sun set last night I had to write a poem to accompany this amazing photo my daughter took of Fidgety Flo. The photo, Flo and my daughters rocked it. Thank you lunarglide and Alexandra. I tried name taggng you both but it did not work.
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