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  • Blind Date at home

    I had a blind date she came to my home
    We sat on the sofa and her hands started to roam
    She only wanted one thing which was lucky men can't multitask
    She said do you have protection?No bodyguard but nice of you to ask

    She said lets try a sixtynine I fetched ice cream and a flake
    She squeezed my balls so hard they began to ache
    She asked me to make her wet I threw over a glass of water
    She took all her clothes off as she said she was hotter

    She said men were all the same did I want to get in her knickers
    Reluctantly i put them on didn't fit couldn't do it qucker
    She took me upstaiir and said i should tie her to the bed
    She said I could do what i like so i went and watched tv instead

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    The subject matter in today's queue is all over the place. I'm smiling PP but God might be frowning, but I doubt it!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Recently have been using a dating site and one lady wanted first meeting at my house A friend thought there could only be one reason. She was wrong

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    Maybe she liked Chess...


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      Amusing, Parkinsonspoet! ''Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.''


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        This is one of your all-time best, Pp! I like a bit o' the randy!