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  • From The Begining

    Disclaimer : The views expressed in this verse are not the views of the poet. The verse was not meant to take the direction that it did. Hell, I'm not even sure if it is a decent poem. The rhythm is off and some of the rhymes are forced.
    Please feel free to discuss the premise and presentation. Attack the poem- please don't attack the poet

    In the beginning god or God,
    whomever or whatever you perceive ,
    intelligent design or happenstance,
    whatever you believe,

    creator of or created by men,
    a blower of dust or just a big bang,
    something ignited, something began.
    Out of that something mankind sprang.

    So here we are. Now what do we do?
    We fight and we squabble, we kill and destroy.
    We play with our time here
    like some cheap cosmic toy.

    There have been a few along the way
    who offered a different perspective.
    We perverted their message 'til it became
    Unrecognizable and ineffective.

    Not to worry, it's okay.
    When the cosmic planners set this world spinning
    perhaps this was in their plan
    From the beginning.
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    Nothing wrong with this, rt. Very enjoyable, thought-provoking piece.


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      While this is true - we also do a whole lot of good things too. And I know it's hard to achieve balance in the current world social climate - but I don't ever want to lose sight of the good - because that's where I believe the final solution is found. Nice write rhymetime!


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        I like God, can't find fault with you, my brother, or this poem.


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          sometimes poets have to write about uncomfortable subjects but I think this is a sincere and honest inquiry into mysteries that no one is qualified to attack you for. well done!